Danger of Vaccines ワクチンの恐ろしさ

Stop vaccinating

Danger of Cervical Cancer Vaccination
(“Gardasil” by Merck & Co. and
“Cervarix” by GlaxoSmithKline)

NHK News

Re: Appeal by Victims of Cervical Cancer Vaccine, Cervarix


Female victims who have been having pain ever since they
were given Cervical Cancer Vaccines, together with victims
of other drugs, visited the Ministry of Health & Welfare and
appealed to the Deputy Minister to investigate the cause of
their pain and to keep refraining from promoting the vaccine.

On 24th August 16 years ago, a monument was elected at
the entrance to the Ministry of Health & Welfare, reflecting
the HIV-tainted blood scandal, and the pledge to prevent
the drug disaster, and every year on 24th August a group of
victims gather here to have a meeting.

Female victims of Cervical Cancer Vaccine joined the
appeal this year for the first time, and the Dy. Minister
received their appeal.

A 20-year old victim, who was given the vaccine when she
was 15/16 years old asked her to find out the cause and
the proper treatment, as there area girls in their 10s and
20s still suffering because of this vaccination and they
have to give up their dreams for the future.

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Danger of Cervical Cancer Vaccination
(“Gardasil” by Merck & Co. and
“Cervarix” by GlaxoSmithKline)

Cervarix is a vaccine against certain types of cancer-
causing human papillomavirus (HPV)
and the Japanese Government chose this vaccine.

(mostly in Japanese but some portions in English)

At the bottom, it says,

“Would you take this vaccine if you were told that it
could cause sudden death after inoculation
in the worst case?”

(In case of a 14-year old British girl)

Re vaccination in general, vaccination in Japan is NOT
mandatory. Ward offices keep on sending to their
residents “FREE Vaccine Coupons” for their children
according to their age brackets (It’s free for you but
paid by the tax-payers money), and it gives us an
impression that we HAVE TO TAKE the vaccines.

Do you know that currently a baby born in Japan is
given 10 vaccines before she/he becomes 1 year old?
And the media does not report the sideeffects of the

New two vaccines between 2011 and May 2014 killed
38 babies, but still no mention of the incidents by
the media.

My idea about vaccines has changed completely when
I read a book written by Dr Hiroko Mori, who has studied
the infectious diseases and cancer for a long time,
and has served as the Heads of the Health Centres of
three ward offices of Yokohama. Her book
“Stop Vaccinating (Your Children) Now – 33 Facts You
Should Be Aware Of before vaccination” was issued in
October last year.

Stop vaccinating

This book is a real eye-opener. Somebody should translate
it into English ...